Birthdays of Family, Friends, and Other Notables

Also Featuring Quotes and Images of Notable, Historical Americans on Their Birthdays

Designed and Edited by Ray L. Winstead

See the Description and Photos of Inside the Book Below.

For sale on this website is the spiral bound version of the 404-page, 6" x 9" paperback book Birthdays of Family, Friends, and Other Notables: Also Featuring Quotes and Images of Notable, Historical Americans on Their Birthdays.  Price for each book is $12.99 + shipping.  Total shipping cost for one book is $3.99, two books is $4.99, and three books is $5.99.
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Description of the book:

The primary purpose of this book is to provide a convenient place for you to write down the birthdays of family and friends you want to remember from year to year, along with such information as their mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and year of birth.  Special events, such as anniversaries, could also be recorded.  Each day of the year has its own, individual page.

The bottom portion of each page (almost half) is left completely blank for ample space and flexibility for you to write in the needed information you want to remember.

Besides space for birthday information about family and friends, for each day of the year the name of a notable, historical American with the same birthday is given in the top portion of each page, along with a corresponding, black-and-white image (if available) and quote(s) from that person.  In general, the quotes chosen are primarily positive, motivational, and/or thought provoking.  The notables included feature a variety of occupations.  You will notice that some important, notable, historical Americans are not included, and many times this is due to some notables having the same birthday.  For example, all U. S. presidents are included, and they often take the place of other notables that otherwise would have been included, e.g., Stephen A. Douglas.  The exact birthday of some notables are not known, and, therefore, those notables are not included, for example, Frederick Douglass.  All notables included are deceased, except for a very few, such as a few Presidents and Supreme Court Justices.  Some other potential notables, such as athletes and entertainers are not included.  Of course (!), there will be differences of opinion as to the choice of “Notables,” so spaces are provided for each day for you to write in the birthdays yourself from your own sources of those persons you consider to be Notables.

Just as Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, said You can't tell a story in a sound bite, you can’t really know a notable by the short quotes given in this book.  So, you are strongly encouraged to learn more about the historical notables listed throughout this book by looking them up on the Internet.  Some of the notables and quotes may be controversial.  So, you may agree with some quotes, while you may disagree with others.  However, the quotes do come from men and women who have had some part in shaping our society, and the ideas presented may stimulate some reactions, additional thoughts, and even actions.

An Index of the Names of Notables with their dates of birth is provided at the back of the book.

The standard, “perfect bound,” paperback version of this book is available through Amazon, while the spiral bound, paperback version is available directly from the editor at:

(Actual paper color is not accurately displayed on this web page.  It is really more of an "eggshell white.")